THe Project


Black Lake recordings were created by two friends with a passion for creativity with many different views on freedom of expression which inspired us to launch a project with no limitations. The focus is comprised of visual expression and sound design at heart. The project is designed to show different styles of art we as a collective enjoy and to exhibit the ideology that we would like to share with our followers. Each of our artists is handpicked and we believe this is the only way to keep our ideas alive and create an environment where creativity can blossom. 

In today’s World, the visual aspects of art have reached new heights and are something all of us encounter every day. Visual art brings a story to life and this is why our visuals are custom made to enhance each story to create an experience. 

When it comes to music our idea is simple. Our love for darker sounds is what inspired us to start this project. It’s not just techno music but more sinister, much darker and harder but sometimes more experimental and calmer sounds that we create. We don’t believe in following a particular trend or having any restrictions towards the music we release but we believe in artists with a unique sound who are able to create their own trend. Our focus is on education and involvement as well as supporting the continuity of our subculture.