The idea is to enlighten the followers and be informative about its purpose. Mörker is extant because of its true supporters. Structure is built upon 3 main developments spread among many contributors. Ocular, Phonic & Vignette are the structures behind Mörker. 

The Ocular Stage 
is the visual aspect of the follower, its intent is to represent Mörker's action as an element of karmic energy. It becomes a part of the consciousness of the individual and moves on in the stream of consciousness.

The Phonic Stage 
is used to deceive the listener with its dark nature in comparison to its visual representation. Each track or “Phonic” is designed based on the individual experience of its designer. This yet proves the unpredictable nature of Mörker. yet, this stage is followed by a religious love for Techno phonic.

The Vignette Stage 
has only one purpose and its to create an entity as a physical being. However, each being is dressed in a mask to capsule the idea, that the individual isn’t as important as the followers and believers behind Mörker.

Behind the artist 

Morker also know as 'Darkness' in Swedish is the brainchild of Rukshan Weeraratne, starting his career as a DJ in 2009 under the alias 'Ruki', he was involved in many underground events as well as projects developing and building his trademark as a reputable DJ/Producer. His diverse taste of music has given him the edge of being one of the most consistent and versatile DJ's in our generation. Rukshan's latest project 'Morker' is a mythical character created by him which incorporates with his project 'Black Lake Recordings'. He considers Morker as one of the representatives of this mythical Lake which is also the collaborative creation with his business partner Pablo Campbell. 

His love for Darker sounds have grown over the years and this is shown by his musical creations as well as his DJ sets, giving the listeners an emotional ride throughout. With a love for the unorthodox style of mixing creating raw dark energy making the listeners lose themselves within.