The rituals of welcoming fellow like minded beings to our lake is carefully chosen by their selected soundscape. Let us introduce our first instalment upon you with a varied selection of sounds that presents artists from varied backgrounds as well as age groups, whom contributed towards designing this compilation. Focus of this instalment is to portray a plethora of sound designs within Techno creating a seamless unity between artists and sounds.


Chapter 001

  • Frankie Bromley - Awake

  • RVCH - Pontifexx

  • Tercet - Valhalla

  • BRTZ - Brute

  • Mörker - EV 1.1

  • Vincenzo Giordano - Explosion

  • Enrico Fuerte - Designated Drunk

  • Wvalaam Klous - Martyrs of Havoc

  • Antolc - Gas Chamber