Originally from Portugal and having grown up in the north of the UK since the age of 10, he began on his music journey locally, handing out CDS to friends, family, local venues etc. Slowly learning and mastering the art of mixing. Eventually went on to launch his own underground movement which got him recognised in the local scene. Having the opportunity to play at several parties and events that he grew up going to.

It was only after recently moving to London to study music that he began on his journey in the techno world. Having gone to several underground parties and afterparties in London, his interest and development began to flourish. His roots, heavily inspired by the hard techno/post rave era/industrial scene. He has slowly developed an obsession for creation and his productions concentrate around evolving rhythmic textures with stomping raw analogue elements. That same obsession for creation translates directly  into attention devoted into crate digging to craft his sets. His focus is more on the journey than anything else always maintaining a high energy throughout.